Publications and Awards

February 2013
The Globetrotter portal 4-seasons is featuring a Lichtjahre interview with Christian Klepp
including an online gallery of 20 Lichtjahre photographies and a Globetrotter iPad-App.
I want to thank Philip Baues for the nice interview questions and all his work!

The image Heart Reef is a 'Top-Down Perspective' winner of the 2012 María Luisa Memorial Photo contest.
More than 16000 photographs were submitted by 1600 competitors from 54 different countries.

January 2013
Christian Klepp is among the winners of the Global Arctic Awards 2012 international photography competition of Northern and Arctic pictures.
Photographers from 12 countries showed the magical world of the Arctic. Image Crystal Grotto won the PSA Nature of the North Bronze Medal and Beached Jewels won the FIAP Nature special medal.

The Xposure Issue 14 of Photography Week magazine features the Icelandic icescape image Nature's Artwork.
Thanks to Samantha Cliffe for the nice communication!

December 2012
The Russian Art Center in St. Petersburg features the image Entering the Enchanted Realm as part of the
100 Wonders of the World exhibition that is travelling throughout all major cities in Russia during 2013. The aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness for science, art and education.
As this goal coincides with the aim of the Lichtjahre project I was more than happy on agreeing to display my image. The exhibition is sponsored by National Geographic and GEO.
I would like to thank Alexandra Polishchuk, Deputy Director of showroom ART-Center from St. Petersburg, for making this possible.

July 2012
The image The Valley of the Ten Peaks is displayed in the July edition of the Natur Foto magazine.

May 2012
The May issue 3-2012 of the German photo magazine Fotocommunity Plus features a three pages interview with five images of LichtJahre. The interview can be read as a pdf file. The magazine is available in kiosks and bookshops throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Two LichtJahre images Entering the Enchanted Realm and Valley of the Ten Peaks were awarded during the Glanzlichter 2012 awards ceremony at the 14th International Fürstenfelder Nature Photo Days at Fürstenfeldbruck, near Munich, Germany on 18 May 2012.

April 2012
Two LichtJahre photographies Entering the Enchanted Realm and Valley of the Ten Peaks win in the international nature photo contest Glanzlichter 2012 out of 16.000 entries from 32 countries.

These two images are part of the Glanzlichter 2012 book that can be ordered through the Glanzlichter webpage by 25th May 2012.

March 2012

The Memorial Maria Luisa 2011 photo competition awarded Christian Klepp with two diploma.

February 2012
The image Stellar Sunshine is the 'Mountain Landscape' category winner of the 2011 María Luisa Memorial Photo contest. Additionally Beached Jewels is highlighted in the 'Natural Landscape' category. More than 16000 photographs were submitted by 1600 competitors from 54 different countries.

January 2012
The image Arctic Gate won in the Al Thani Award 2011 photo competition and is part of the limited edition book Masters of Photography 2011.

December 2011
The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, uses three LichtJahre images in their 2020 VISION strategic plan that formulates the scientific goals and challenges that guide their future research.

June 2011
30 out of 32 LightYears images were accepted in 8 categories at the international Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011 photography competition. Three out of these images were awarded with the PSA-Gold Medal Best of Show in the category landscape, the Gold Medal of Excellence and the VÖAV Bronze Medal within Salon 3.

These LightYears images will be part of the Trierenberg Super Circuit book which will be published within the next months. The book displays the world's top photography in 2011 featuring more than 1000 images from a broad variety of categories.

May 2011
Book release: 44 selected highlights of the LichtJahre photography are now available as a coffee table book!
All information can be found on the book page
Please note that the book is currently available in German language only. The English version will be available soon.

April 2011
Three LichtJahre images Lovelier in Black, Evanescence and Crystal Beach won the international nature photo contest Glanzlichter 2011 out of 15.000 submissions from 33 countries.

These three images are part of the Glanzlichter 2011 book, that can be ordered through the Glanzlichter webpage by 23rd May 2011.

January 2011
The ePaper of the VIEW Fotocommunity View Spotlight highlights the LightYears photography in the January 2011 issue with an interview of Christian Klepp including 18 images.

August 2010
Two LightYears images Tradewinds and Costa del Sol are used at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China from 1 May to 31 October 2010. They are part of an info terminal of the Climate Service Center, Germany on frequently asked questions about the climate system. Both images highlight the questions 'Why does climate change' and 'How can we predict how the climate will change' in English and Chinese language.

May 2010
The LightYears image Patterns in the Void is the winner of the European Geosciences Union photo competition in Vienna, Austria.

April 2010
The European Geosciences Union is holding a Geosciences photo competition and exhibit in association with its General Assembly 2010 from 2-7 May 2010 in Vienna, Austria. Eleven earth and space science photographies were pre-selected by a panel of five judges. Each of the approximately 9000 conference participants is asked to vote for their favorite picture. The LightYears image Patterns in the Void was chosen to be among the displayed photographies.

March 2010
Six panoramic details of the LightYears photographies highlight the Earth System compartments on the new website of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany.

The Earth System components represented are Atmosphere, Land, Ocean, Cryosphere, Volcanoes and their interaction.

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) is an internationally renowned institute for climate research. Its goal is to understand the changing climate of our Earth. The homepage and all three departments "Atmosphere, Land and Ocean in the Earth System" display LightYears header images.