The LightYears Book

The second revised edition of the high quality LightYears coffee-table book contains the highlight images of this website. The book is available in English language and comes as a large format hard cover bound in linen. The German language version of the book is available here.

The book "LichtJahre - Where Geoscience Meets Art" features the most beautiful landscapes of our planet enchanted in fascinating light situations. Each double page displays a large format image accompanied by an intelligible to all geoscientific text describing the geology of the landscape. Each image also contains technical meta-data. An introductory text gives background information on the photographer Christian Klepp and his project "Where Geoscience Meets Art". The images displayed were taken in Iceland, Turkey, Cyprus, Swiss Alps, Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Sierra Nevada, Colorado Plateau, Cascade Range, New Zealand and Australia.

Five double page examples are displayed below.

100 pages
47 large format photographies including geoscientific texts in English language.
Size: 11 x 11 inches (28 x 28 cm) in black linen cover
The book is self-published and available upon request via e-mail at the production price of
60,- Euro plus shipping
Please do not hesitate to e-mail me for details.